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    Friday, 1 February 2013 @ 07:03
    Resigned to fate I guess, not able to appeal to my ideal course because I did not hit the cut-off point, but I guess Business IT is not bad. Sigh, the only thing is that my classroom is just next to my dream course. Hmm.. I guess I could deal with Business IT.. I hope.. Wish me luck.

    Today I found out that I was betrayed long ago, by people whom I thought could keep secrets, they lost my trust once and they lost it again. Don't think that I'm gonna give my trust back any time soon or any time ever.

    So, now I'm all alone in the school imma go to. Just there cold and lonely, drifting around the vast ocean. With my body in Business IT and heart in ISM, just like what was mentioned in Ah Boys To Men, you can have my body, not my heart. I'm sounding like a prostitute. (soooooomething like that).

    Till the network cables snap.

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