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    Wednesday, 2 January 2013 @ 04:30
    Back from Hell

    Still Alive

    I'm still alive baby, hell yeah I am. #nowplaying still alive. Another quite funny day at work. Poor Jiayi got insulted by one stupid customer, I shall not reveal his name because I'm not as low as that bastard. Guess what? I'm getting a skateboard tomorrow! Happy mode on. Yes, I'll definite fall and probably break some bones but it's gonna be fun (i hope). And I'm gonna face mom's wrath when I bring that piece of wooden board with wheels home tomorrow night. Whoopsie. But by then, I have already paid for it, what can she say other than "have fun" ? I feel like a genius. Then again, I don't feel too over the moon thinking about the Olevel result collection next week. *fingers crossed* Hmm, I hope the eagles award money is enough to help me smoke through my parent's explosion (this only applies if my results suck, which is highly possible). Well, off to do my research on skateboards! 

    *thinking about results* then *thinking about the skateboard*

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