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    Sunday, 30 December 2012 @ 06:08
    Hello there


    Yes, quite a long time since I blogged.
    Lots of things happened during the short (or long) period of time.
    Some happy, some sad and of course funny moments cannot be left out.

    Yesterday started with fishball noodles at our usual breakfast place, chong pang.
    Normally, dad, brother and I would start cramming the noodles down our throats
    but apparently something adjusted my appetite that day.
    Ta-dah, I felt like vomiting instead of eating.
    What the heck happened, my dear appetite?!
    And thanks to my super lucky self,
    the toilet was under renovation.
    Congratulations dear Tricia.
    Next stop, Orchard Road, or should I say, Sardine can? Hmm..

    Before we hit the roads, we were like "Oh my god, I hope we can find nice apparels from the sales"
    When we hit the roads, we were like "Oh my god, are we even gonna reach the stores?"
    It. Was. Freaking. Jammed.
    It was a road made of human bodies to be exact.
    Much better than Bugis Street(first floor) but still...
    And yes, I'm proud that I made it out, A-L-I-V-E.
    But no, it wasn't fun waiting for the fitting rooms.
    I didn't like entering fitting rooms but I had to try the clothes because of the "no exchange or refunds for sales items" rule in most of the stores.
    It's an exception in New Look though.
    Most of my buys were from New Look, mmhmm I likey.
    It appears that I fit into the clothes with the tag "Age 10-11" and I like them..
    Wait. What? 

    Met up with Jiayi after snacking at Shiraz (Is this how I spell it?)
    They. Sell. Awe. Some. Kebabs. And. Sausages.
    But for students like me, they'll probably K.O us at the cashier.
    For me, dad's the one paying ahahah.
    Well, you know what they say, men, during shopping trips, only needs to fulfill three steps.
    1. Pay
    2. Carry all the shopping bags
    3. Pay
    Back to Jiayi,
    We walked around Far east plaza looking for shoes and then decided to have a drink.
    Soooooo, Starbucks.
    Mm toffee nut latte.
    And gossip time started.
    Had a great time with Jiayi :-)

    This post totally contradicted my heading but oh well.
    I shall skip today's events
    Or I will go on forever and ever haha
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    Tuesday, 11 December 2012 @ 05:06

    Long time no blog.

    So long since I blogged. Well, yeah I quit that job, now I have a new one :D
    Its much better like seriously.
    Still stressful but definitely better.
    The pay is better as well xD
    And there are many friendly people around :-)

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