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    Thursday, 1 November 2012 @ 07:52

    Finally free.. almost

    Almost free.. Just withstand one more week.. Just one more week and it will be over. Well, until I get my results next year anyway. Definitely not looking forward to that. Wellllllll anyway I decided to create a twitter account to fangirl haha @TriciaKwon < See, nice right haha. Feel so shameless using his surname BUT OH WELL. You know, its kinda sad knowing that most idols don't really favour singapore. Though they don't say it but it's really obvious. And yes, it hurts knowing they dont really like singapore ;_; In korea, they could walk freely in the airport with a few guards and all that. I dont think that can happen in singapore, they probably need an army to protect themselves from me, haha. Sigh, I wanna change my blogskin but Im not sure how :( Well, goodnight.

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