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    Thursday, 15 November 2012 @ 04:55

    Down with flu.

    Damn flu.
    I think I got it from sitting at starbucks for like 5.5hours.
    Today's the first day of work for Jiayi.
    We found a job at a japanese restaurant, yes I couldnt start work because my birthday is still not over yet.
    I can pretty much say that the place was hell for Jiayi.
    I can also say that waiting 5.5hours under the aircon is also hell.
    Downing a grande toffee nut latte, grande mango frap, mcmuffin breakfast and mcchicken meal
    is also not something good.
    Definitely not good cause I feel my fats bulging out from my stomach area.
    Can't really feel it but I know its gonna show sometime soon if this everyday life of mine continues.
    But hey, I got a $5 mcdonnalds voucher from completing a survey
    no wait, thats not good is it? damn these fatty oils.
    I still need to buy my prom dress as well.
    Damn the fats T_T definitely not a good time for fats to form, worst worst time.
    just 6 more days to prom night oh shit.
    what about my contacts?! Ohyea i bought contact lens hoho, I bought blue and chocolate brown.
    Then again, what am I gonna do for the cosplay event?
    I wanted to go as one of the K characters, yknow those normal student ones like hmm
    she's too normal that I forgot her name omg.
    The short brown haired girl, the one with metal tips on her hair that wants to feed yashiro with greens..
    I still don't recall her name...
    Oh well, I couldn't find her uniform anywhere on the internet, maybe she's tooooooo normal?
    I found shana's uniform like finally but its like 80+++ without the wig nor sword..
    All I can say is "Love is pain (and brutally expensive)"

    Ending the post with cute jiyong gifs again ^O^

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