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    Sunday, 18 November 2012 @ 04:04
    Hell Yeah

    The Day.

    Tomorrow is the day, The day, THE DAY
    The first day of work. 
    Though I can already predict us resigning due to different shifts!
    I dont get why are we on different shifts I mean like seriously, an hour's difference?
    Why can't they just put us on the same time slot, it's of not much difference anyway or...
    HELL YEAH I BET THEY ARE, are they?
    :( Well I hope not.
    Hmm but I kinda hope we resign or something cause I don't really like black pants.
    I mean like black jeans, black skinny jeans, black hiphop/bboy pants, black cloth pants, leggings, etc etc
    Except one. OFFICE PANTS.
    And I have to wear them tomorrow..
    I don't particularly hold a grudge against those things, I just find them really uncomfortable.
    What happened to comfortable clothes?
    And black shoes are another problem.
    Not the part about the shoes but the part about me not having them. Le sigh.
    But I guess the wages are quite okay, QUITE.
    AAAAAAAnyway, I finally bought my prom dress though I think it's a little revealing(like seriously)
    Mom thought it was okay though.
    Dad said I look extra large in it. THANKS SO MUCH DAD. ugh
    Eurig agreed with him. My family make me sooooooo happy, ugh.
    Well anyway, I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

    Yes I shall later :*
    Ending the post with jiyong again ;)

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    Friday, 16 November 2012 @ 06:16


    Me: I'm in deep shit.
    Pops: Don't always say negative things
    Me: I'm in uhhh good shit?
    Pops: Now that's better

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    @ 05:53


    I sprained my ankle apparently.
    Ugly, swollen and ugly but bearable.
    I worry for Monday though, it's supposed to be my first day of work!
    T_T what to do what to do
    Worry later hohoho.

    Jiyong says byebye!

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    Thursday, 15 November 2012 @ 04:55

    Down with flu.

    Damn flu.
    I think I got it from sitting at starbucks for like 5.5hours.
    Today's the first day of work for Jiayi.
    We found a job at a japanese restaurant, yes I couldnt start work because my birthday is still not over yet.
    I can pretty much say that the place was hell for Jiayi.
    I can also say that waiting 5.5hours under the aircon is also hell.
    Downing a grande toffee nut latte, grande mango frap, mcmuffin breakfast and mcchicken meal
    is also not something good.
    Definitely not good cause I feel my fats bulging out from my stomach area.
    Can't really feel it but I know its gonna show sometime soon if this everyday life of mine continues.
    But hey, I got a $5 mcdonnalds voucher from completing a survey
    no wait, thats not good is it? damn these fatty oils.
    I still need to buy my prom dress as well.
    Damn the fats T_T definitely not a good time for fats to form, worst worst time.
    just 6 more days to prom night oh shit.
    what about my contacts?! Ohyea i bought contact lens hoho, I bought blue and chocolate brown.
    Then again, what am I gonna do for the cosplay event?
    I wanted to go as one of the K characters, yknow those normal student ones like hmm
    she's too normal that I forgot her name omg.
    The short brown haired girl, the one with metal tips on her hair that wants to feed yashiro with greens..
    I still don't recall her name...
    Oh well, I couldn't find her uniform anywhere on the internet, maybe she's tooooooo normal?
    I found shana's uniform like finally but its like 80+++ without the wig nor sword..
    All I can say is "Love is pain (and brutally expensive)"

    Ending the post with cute jiyong gifs again ^O^

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    Wednesday, 14 November 2012 @ 06:19


    Whatsup, finally changed blogskin hoho
    and finally found a job as well~
    Though I cant start working till the 1st of December
    since my birthday is on 30th November :(
    well, goodnight!
    cute jiyong to end the post ;)
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    Thursday, 1 November 2012 @ 07:52

    Finally free.. almost

    Almost free.. Just withstand one more week.. Just one more week and it will be over. Well, until I get my results next year anyway. Definitely not looking forward to that. Wellllllll anyway I decided to create a twitter account to fangirl haha @TriciaKwon < See, nice right haha. Feel so shameless using his surname BUT OH WELL. You know, its kinda sad knowing that most idols don't really favour singapore. Though they don't say it but it's really obvious. And yes, it hurts knowing they dont really like singapore ;_; In korea, they could walk freely in the airport with a few guards and all that. I dont think that can happen in singapore, they probably need an army to protect themselves from me, haha. Sigh, I wanna change my blogskin but Im not sure how :( Well, goodnight.

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