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    Wednesday, 24 October 2012 @ 06:53

    "Time of my life"

    Hell no, having Olevels is not having the time of your life. Its pretty much like hell 
    (maybe not as bad as hell but you know what I mean)
    No joke, I studied my ass off. 
    For once. 
    Great job Tricia.
    Dad says IF (yes, underlined, italic and bold) I study my ass off, and IF I can get the tickets,
    I could go MAMA Awards. But then again, (since im still new to this shit) HOW DO I BUY THEM 
    Drum roll, here comes a new problem, HE ISNT GONNA PAY FOR MY TICKET
    damn damn damn damn damn. 
    *nowplaying : Heart breaker by Jiyong yeobo*
    ANYWAYYYYY, after like 30minutes on the SAME page, I finally voted. 
    Job well done tricia. 
    And yes, to anyone who ever reads or views this post, 
    Please vote for Bigbang, G-dragon (Yes, vote for jiyong) and B.A.P
    Here's the link ---> 
    Vote for them okay ! MUST !

    Yes, I put a few more links in case anyone missed the link hehe. 
    Aaaaaaaand my instagram changed to : @Giyongchy_
    Feel so accomplished with 'Giyongchy' I wonder why. 
    Well, bye. 

    Yes, vote for this handsome guy above.

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    Saturday, 13 October 2012 @ 00:06


    Yes, I'm definitely feeling the stress. I oughta do something about it :(
    Well, went to JB for breakfast today
    Found my favourite crepe shop outside Legoland!

    Tadah, Legoland. Yes I went to Legoland (Yeah right, I went to the entrance)

    The normal noodles my family eats everytime we go JB. 

    Sigh, it has been like 2weeks since Jiyong's Alive Tour. He's currently in indonesia right now.
    "Rock Indonesia!"
    Yep, he's looking like some super hot ninja. Gosh, whats with him and scarves these days anyway? But its okay, since he looks hot with or without scarves. 
    Okay, byebye. Ending this post with another Jiyong gif!

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