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    Wednesday, 19 September 2012 @ 20:04


    Wow, my last post was like since 11 Aug, which is umm no im not counting, too lazy. Well, here's my instagram page -> yayay, I reached 208 followers for Jiyong. I'll continue rising yeah ! OMO, THE CONCERT IS LIKE ONE WEEK PLUS AWAY!!! SUPER EXCITED I TELL YOU!!! But, my parents doesnt allow me to stay overnight to fight for moshpit tags T_T I have a feeling that I'll end up squeezing through fans towards Jiyong during the concert.. AND MY HEIGHT IS NOT AN ADVANTAGE T_T Im like 153?! Damn.. Well, Jiayi agreed to accompany me to the airport when they arrive! But they didnt release any news about their arrival yet :( ARGH SO NERVOUS!!!

    Yes, mom went to the hospital to do surgery. I think she had her uterus removed because of hmm actually I dont know maybe a lump or something. And now that she's at home without being able to move around normally, I became her second pair of hands and feet. Sigh..

    Fighting! >:D

    Going up ~~ !!

    And going down !!!!!!

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