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    Sunday, 23 September 2012 @ 05:21

    Prelim 2 

    Exams are officially starting tomorrow... Have to face exams again... But when it ends... BIGBANG IS HERE !!! *vip screams* Hell yeah! But after the concert... Olevels will begin and I'm definitely gonna flunk everything if I continue like this so.. bye.. gonna face my books for the next two hours, wish me luck.. 


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    Friday, 21 September 2012 @ 06:22

    Should I should I not?

    Ugh having problems again... Posting this with the iPad since stupid eurig is using the computer :( 
    Jailbroken my phone ! Thank you jiayi :D ! Sigh now my emotions are mixed, I'm not sure what to do anymore.. This person just barged into my life out of nowhere.. No wait that person came in not long ago, it's just that he disappeared for a long time and suddenly came back without notice. What am I supposed to do? Sigh whatever. Bought a new mathematics book that cost $44.95 and it's super hard to solve T_T my brain is drained.. And I fell in love with the new 9pm drama , 'poetic justice' but I missed a lot of episodes :( jealous of jiayi who has mio tv haha mom wants the iPad , byeeeee!
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    Thursday, 20 September 2012 @ 01:51

    Hello again!

    Hmm, anyone wants to win B.A.P's autographed album? Gurupop has this giveaway event! 
    Goodluck to you if you're participating! :)

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    Wednesday, 19 September 2012 @ 20:04


    Wow, my last post was like since 11 Aug, which is umm no im not counting, too lazy. Well, here's my instagram page -> yayay, I reached 208 followers for Jiyong. I'll continue rising yeah ! OMO, THE CONCERT IS LIKE ONE WEEK PLUS AWAY!!! SUPER EXCITED I TELL YOU!!! But, my parents doesnt allow me to stay overnight to fight for moshpit tags T_T I have a feeling that I'll end up squeezing through fans towards Jiyong during the concert.. AND MY HEIGHT IS NOT AN ADVANTAGE T_T Im like 153?! Damn.. Well, Jiayi agreed to accompany me to the airport when they arrive! But they didnt release any news about their arrival yet :( ARGH SO NERVOUS!!!

    Yes, mom went to the hospital to do surgery. I think she had her uterus removed because of hmm actually I dont know maybe a lump or something. And now that she's at home without being able to move around normally, I became her second pair of hands and feet. Sigh..

    Fighting! >:D

    Going up ~~ !!

    And going down !!!!!!

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