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    Wednesday, 8 August 2012 @ 17:35

    Nightmares are over, for now.

    Prelims are pretty much over, only left with multiple choice questions and a practical test. Yesterday, Xinli, Monnut, Zixin, and Jiayi came over and played. As usual, the card game, 'bang!', which I suck in. Okay, I admit, I have no luck nor skills in terms of card games. Oh and yesterday, we had a national day celebration at school. Its consisted of a parade done by the NCC (land), NPCC, St John Ambulance, Girl guides and Scouts. As usual, the girl guides are not really in sync when marching, just saying. 

    Tadaaaaa, and yes the audience has to stand at corridors to watch. My height is a big problem. I NEED TO GROW TALLER DAMN IT. Also, why is hotmail always lagging on my computer but works perfectly on my phone, does it not like me? :,( 

    Anyway, if one day Jiyong can see this, Oppa! I gained 40 followers for you ;) not much but at least something right? I'll continue getting more :D. @vitadolcee_ 

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