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    Saturday, 11 August 2012 @ 06:17

    Lazy Saturday

    Stayed at home the whole day (excluding going to the library to return books). Half of the clique visited my house today, SOMEONE STAYED AT HOME HUH! I HOPE YOU READ THIS YOU PIG :( I know that one day you will see this post. HMPH! But yeah, we played cards as usual. BUT WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME ANYTHING? and here I thought they didn't make up. Oh well, at least they did. Today is full of surprises, my weighing machine especially, decided to give me the shock of my life, I freaking gained back the 2kg I lost last week. One day if I break down and go into coma, the weighing machine is most likely the murderer. Sigh, can't I feel happy while standing on the weighing machine for once? /.\ Only one more month for me to lose weight and learn to wear contacts. I decided to have collar bones that are obvious when I go to big bang's Alive Tour. I shall work towards it! Fighting!

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