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    Monday, 6 August 2012 @ 01:17


    Okay, I know I have exams and all that but still, i created a new instagram account to spam jiyong's photos and yes, I'm having fun ^_^ . (@vita_dolcee) Exams are ending anyway, only have two papers tomorrow and multiple choice questions on Monday. I have like 60+ photos in like 4 days? Okay, i kinda feel bad for spamming everyone who is following me but oh well, since they get eye candy, they should thank me instead ^_^. Been watching Queen Inhyun's Man recently, and omg its so sad and happy at the same time T_T yes, it's my first time crying over a drama series. So what, I cry more often when I grow older? Hope not. YES QUEEN INHYUN'S MAN IS REALLY REALLY AWESOME. I finished the series today ! The last few episodes were really sad :( . Plus, the main characters are pretty and handsome, so there's nothing more to ask for! And the ost is really nice ;_;
    Bye, off to spam instagram! ^_^

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