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    Saturday, 11 August 2012 @ 06:17

    Lazy Saturday

    Stayed at home the whole day (excluding going to the library to return books). Half of the clique visited my house today, SOMEONE STAYED AT HOME HUH! I HOPE YOU READ THIS YOU PIG :( I know that one day you will see this post. HMPH! But yeah, we played cards as usual. BUT WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME ANYTHING? and here I thought they didn't make up. Oh well, at least they did. Today is full of surprises, my weighing machine especially, decided to give me the shock of my life, I freaking gained back the 2kg I lost last week. One day if I break down and go into coma, the weighing machine is most likely the murderer. Sigh, can't I feel happy while standing on the weighing machine for once? /.\ Only one more month for me to lose weight and learn to wear contacts. I decided to have collar bones that are obvious when I go to big bang's Alive Tour. I shall work towards it! Fighting!

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    Thursday, 9 August 2012 @ 18:37


    It was so fun yesterday! Even though Vanessa's uncle mistaken the ntuc tickets for the ndp tickets, it was damn fun yesterday! And now I know why lao par sa so expensive, its like the only place we found proper meals yesterday. They must be earning a lot. I wonder what am I going to do today, maybe I shall watch Phineas think of what to do, or do revision. Revision, sigh, revision. Os are coming.. BUT BIG BANG IS COMING YAY! Oh and I heard that he has DREADLOCKS for his 2nd solo album that's gonna release soon, why dreadlocks? :( But, he's gonna look awesome anyway so jiyong, do whatever. 

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    Wednesday, 8 August 2012 @ 17:35

    Nightmares are over, for now.

    Prelims are pretty much over, only left with multiple choice questions and a practical test. Yesterday, Xinli, Monnut, Zixin, and Jiayi came over and played. As usual, the card game, 'bang!', which I suck in. Okay, I admit, I have no luck nor skills in terms of card games. Oh and yesterday, we had a national day celebration at school. Its consisted of a parade done by the NCC (land), NPCC, St John Ambulance, Girl guides and Scouts. As usual, the girl guides are not really in sync when marching, just saying. 

    Tadaaaaa, and yes the audience has to stand at corridors to watch. My height is a big problem. I NEED TO GROW TALLER DAMN IT. Also, why is hotmail always lagging on my computer but works perfectly on my phone, does it not like me? :,( 

    Anyway, if one day Jiyong can see this, Oppa! I gained 40 followers for you ;) not much but at least something right? I'll continue getting more :D. @vitadolcee_ 

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    Monday, 6 August 2012 @ 01:17


    Okay, I know I have exams and all that but still, i created a new instagram account to spam jiyong's photos and yes, I'm having fun ^_^ . (@vita_dolcee) Exams are ending anyway, only have two papers tomorrow and multiple choice questions on Monday. I have like 60+ photos in like 4 days? Okay, i kinda feel bad for spamming everyone who is following me but oh well, since they get eye candy, they should thank me instead ^_^. Been watching Queen Inhyun's Man recently, and omg its so sad and happy at the same time T_T yes, it's my first time crying over a drama series. So what, I cry more often when I grow older? Hope not. YES QUEEN INHYUN'S MAN IS REALLY REALLY AWESOME. I finished the series today ! The last few episodes were really sad :( . Plus, the main characters are pretty and handsome, so there's nothing more to ask for! And the ost is really nice ;_;
    Bye, off to spam instagram! ^_^

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    Wednesday, 1 August 2012 @ 01:53


    First time studying so hard for exams and it isn't even for 'O' levels. I woke up at 2am yesterday just to chant geography notes. I really hope I can pass this time, cause seriously if I don't, I don't know how to get good scores for 'O' levels anymore. And seriously mum, your daughter woke up at 2 to study freaking geography, chanting all the way to school, yet you don't even bother to wake up and say good luck and now you banned me from using the computer ? seriously mum? seriously? What's my problem? The problem is you. Plus, you're threatening me now? Are you sure you want to threaten me? Good, then continue threatening and you may just see Fs for all of my grades. I hope I scare the shit out of you. Don't worry, I won't even waste my 'O' level marks on you, you're not worthy enough for me to waste my future on. I'm gonna work hard and study abroad. I heard all about studying abroad, how hard and lonely it is but I really can't stand my mum. Well, maybe if I go abroad and learnt my lesson, I'll learn to appreciate my mum more (hell no). Ugh, this is spoiling my mood already, and I don't even blame PMS for this. Whatever. Guess I'll start on chemistry later. A gif to make me feel better. 

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    @ 01:43


    Yes, yg entertainment have instagram. I just found out yesterday. Here are some of the photos (though mostly jiyong)
    *_* cute right

    beautiful =u=

    seungri looked cute last time, serious.

    hehe the end.

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