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    Monday, 16 July 2012 @ 03:49

    Wake up call.

    I finally realised that I should really wake up and study my ass off. Why? Firstly, my tickets to Bigbang's Alive tour are held hostage by my mum. Secondly, she'll probably take away my card if I get unfavourable results. Thirdly, I'll be stripped of the already little freedom that I have right now. Last but not least, I'll lose her trust and can kiss goodbye to the Prom night dress+shoes money that she promised. Well, those are what I call the economic reasons. For the more important reasons.. Firstly, if I get bad results, it would definitely affect my future in a really bad way. Secondly, I really do not want to end up in a cannot-retain-at-secondary-school-but-also-cannot-enter-higher-nitec-courses state :( and lastly, I really want to study abroad so I should really wake up now! I decided that I want to cry tears of joy, jump around until my feet hurts and most of all, show my parents the awesome results I got with a gigantic-all-teeth-shown face. I definitely don't want my parents to feel upset especially when my aunts are probably looking down on me. I shall prove them wrong. Yes, I'm gonna prove all my aunts and uncles wrong. I'm gonna grow tall, become prettier, and of course increase brain capacity :) Tricia, fighting!

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