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    Tuesday, 10 July 2012 @ 02:27

    Vita Dolce Moderato ✩

    I really like this phrase 'Vita Dolce Moderato'. I got this from G-dragon (Kwon Ji Yong, leader of a kpop Korean boy band, Big Bang). He has these tattoos on his right and left forearms that says 'Vita Dolce' on the right and 'Moderato' on the left. Vita Dolce translates as sweet life and Moderato is a piano term for moderate. Together, the tattoos say 'Moderate Sweet Life' which he explains as 'living a sweet life moderately'. In my opinion, I think its really meaningful even though many say stuff like tattoos are awful or a total waste of time but this is so cool! Okay, I might be a little bit outdated (by many many years) but hey, I just recently fell in love with him okay! I mean like omg, he can dance, rap, and sing. Okay many people can do that but I still like Jiyong! Another thing, what's with those 'Korean bands are sooooooooo lame' comments? Even if you don't favour them, you don't need to put it like this. I mean, they are not lame, THEY CAN WALK (okay, it seems like I'm the lame one but whatever) I just want to say that I like whatever I want and I don't want to hear your remarks about what I like, thank you very much. Okay whatever, not gonna think about it anymore. 

    -Jiyong fan.
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