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    Thursday, 12 July 2012 @ 06:29

    Uh Oh..

    The shooting of my part in the class video is finally over. (I hope) It was pretty tiring, and got mosquito bites.. Gosh, why come attack me?! 

    Sigh, for once I studied social studies the previous night (usually last minute) and then Ms Ong decided to not come school so in the end, no tests were conducted. Partly, I'm kind of happy cause I think I would not remember the factors but partly i was disappointed because for once I actually studied. 

    Today, when there was a sudden change of classrooms during amath, xinli and I were unaware of the change.. We were searching for our classmates outside the classroom but when we saw no one in the corridors, immediately we thought that class had ended and decided to go back to our formal classrooms to put our bags, meet jiayi and the rest and head to the canteen for lunch. However, they were still having classes, so we thought we had an early release from class and showed off to them through the window. So, with nothing to do, no where to go, we decided to go and have lunch first. If classes ended early, obviously we would spot Vanessa, Alexius, etc. in the canteen having lunch but no, we saw no one we recognised (other than the juniors). Then I was like now that i think about it, what if they changed classrooms..? 'Uh oh..' But oh well, since going back to the classroom and saying "Sorry Ms Zuraida, we thought you gave us an early release" would look stupid and dumb and stupid, we ended up ordering food.. I really hope Ms Zuraida doesn't realise that both of us were missing. 

    A photo taken at the field we were shooting the video at!

    T-ara Day by Day m/v ! *_*

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