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    Wednesday, 25 July 2012 @ 02:31


    Almost died when i looked at my tumblr dashboard. Before Jiyong changed his hair colour to pink, my dashboard has never looked so filled with pink. And now with the new photo shoot and all that.. Serious case of nose bleeding. Sexy by just holding a cup,
    by just looking..

    opening eyeswide..

    or even this omg

    Hmm, maybe i just have weird tastes but yeah, to me its sexy heheh. 
    Have to save alot of money this month :( having an allowance cut-down is worse enough, having the need to buy a hoodie that cost $135 is like pouring salt onto my already infected wound. WORST OF ALL, i spent like almost $300 from my account without realising. Having to check my account that day was a big slap and well yeah, i'm awake now. Aside from monetary problems, here comes another blow. WHAM, the examinations start on friday. Wow, i'm sooooooooo looking forward to it. Anyway, today was the last phys-ed lesson for this term i guess? And instead of playing with our own teams, Mrs Yong allowed Boys Vs Girls. Yeah, obviously the guys won but hey, this was the only lesson where I actually did put in effort okay. Going for a jog soon with monnut, gotta trim fats! AND OMG YES IM GOING NDP WITH JIAYI~ apparently she won the awesome tickets !!!! omg is this what people feel when they win the lottery?! But, we have to go some unknown place to collect the tickets and also, we have to purchase a white tee in case everyone else attending the parade is wearing red ! Bummer. Well, thats it ! Bye! (i'm supposed to meet monnut at 5:30, oops)

    yes last one, 
    i'm gonna get a skateboard haha.

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