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    Wednesday, 11 July 2012 @ 06:31

    Home Sweet Home. 

    I'm finally back from night study. Today's quite productive I guess? I managed to memorise half of Venice's leadership factors. About today..
    1)I know I was really distracted by my friend during class and I really should change where i sit. However, without her, I feel so empty and lonely. i felt so isolated T.T I hope ms yong allows her to move back soon!
    2)During youth day public holiday, we had to shoot our class graduation video so maybe around 10 or so people were in my house, after awhile some left. Then, two of my good friends zixin and monnut came my house :) ! seriously, I did not expect it at all. Monnut came because he wanted to make a cover of a song to give xinli for her birthday. Zixin came along with monnut. while they were here, zixin was practising a Korean song (i think sang by yoseob and someone from apink? I don't really know..) To let her gain confidence, she sang to everyone that were currently in my house. In my opinion, I seriously thought it was good except that she cant reach one high note. But when they encouraged her to try the next year, I thought it was maybe just that i heard wrongly or something. However, today when I was bathing, she was outside using my computer. she was singing some Chinese song and well, it was great! It didn't have any off key or anything I definitely think it was better than my singing, unless I heard wrongly because of the running water... I really think she should sing this year. even if she fails, she can try next year right! why waste this year's chance? hmm maybe its just me thinking like that but oh well.
    3)I'm learning Jay Chou's Cai Hong ! I forgot why but yeah I decided to learn it and let Helen listen :D ! But, even after replaying the song for like a hundred times, I still cant get the lyrics right. I even think I can learn Korean lyrics faster, maybe its because its a Chinese song?? Okay I admit, my Chinese is so-so but hello, I'm also Chinese, why so hard to learn?!
    4)It sucks to forget everything I want to post :(

    I hope tomorrow will be brighter.

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