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    Friday, 13 July 2012 @ 04:05

    Friday the 13th.

    Okay, today was not so bad considering it is friday the 13th. Bought my special edition big bang alive album !! I bought both G-dragon and TOP's version ! Obviously, I'm keeping G-dragon's version. TOP's is for shelley! I hope she likes it :) . Went MIYOC to collect Jiayi's apparels but in the end the apparels were not there ?! Oh well, she has the moustache top to take away some pain. Had Best Fries Forever (Macho cheese as per normal). Felt great, awesome, wonderful eating the freshly made fries but felt damn heavy went I stepped on the weighing machine, no joke. I think I'll have no worries for my future, I can sign up for a sumo competition or something. I'll definitely win in terms of size! To put it in a good way : I'll have a job in the future, no worries about going hungry. To put it in actual fact : I'll never have the chance to look awesome, sexy, beautiful in a muscle tank, crop tank, spaghetti strap or anything that makes you feel cooling in the middle of summer. I probably have to wear thick clothing to hide my 100000000000kilos of lipids and drink 1000000000000000 packs of SlimSpa to cut down at least 10kilos. Ok hell no am I gonna imagine that. NEXT TOPIC : Hey, I bought dip dyed shorts from wonderstellar today, spent at least $50 at HMV and I'm so gonna get into trouble when my mom goes to update my bank book(which i hope she never does). ANYWAY, had lots of fun shopping and gossiping with Jiayi today and I hope we can do that again soon! Too bad prelims are coming or not I'll drag her to The Editor's Market next weekend :( I GOTTA BUY THAT WINE RED BAG :( its so freaking pretty ! Now I'm regretting not buying it.. Gonna look for it on their website later ! :) 

    and yay, mom's buying teenage today! I dont really buy teenage anymore BUT AUGUST ISSUE'S COVER PAGE HAS BIGBANG ON IT SO WHY NOT?! 

    look at what Mr Rama showed on the visualiser during free period,

    and yes, my babies <3

    that's all for now ! 

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