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    Sunday, 29 July 2012 @ 23:49

    Feeling the stress.

    Yes, I'm definitely feeling the stress after the Mathematics paper today. I was so stressed out in the middle of the paper that I felt like puking and the worst thing is that I forgot to bring my mints with me. I always feel better after eating a mint. The paper didn't even look English to me, it looked like some alien language that no one could decipher but apparently some other students felt that the paper was not bad. Okay fine, maybe it's just me. I'm definitely not going to flunk my social studies or I'm gonna lose the bet. (I forgot that I made a bet to suankheng about my marks :( ..) ANYWAY, because it's the last few days of dad's birthday month, he decided not to waste his membership privileges and bring us to dinner today. If I'm not wrong, it's around city hall? I shall bring my notes there to chant or something. I hope the food is good! Mmmm i smell pasta from the kitchen. YAY, pasta for lunch! Oh yeah ! On sunday (yesterday) I went to the Girls & Boys Brigade enrolment service at the church with peiwen. We saw our juniors (apparently they have super memory and remember us), our officers (even though ma'am Shirley wasn't there), Weili and bengpeng from our batch (okay, i don't know how to spell their names) and one from the batch before us ! I couldn't recognise her at first with her being pregnant and all. Ma'am Sarah even gave us our old photos ! And this is a handmade rilakkuma soap given by them too! They were selling it to raise funds but decided to give us one each 
    Okay, the end. Off to eat pasta~

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