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    Wednesday, 25 July 2012 @ 05:11


    Just came back from a jog with monnut. Its wasn't as tiring as the previous times we went but it was the most conversational one I guess? Well, he had his problems and frankly speaking, I didn't really know how to help him. Of course, I said what I thought however, I'm not really sure if he understood what I said. He wants to stay in Singapore to continue his studies but his parents want him to move back to Thailand for further studies like his brother. His parents have to worry about fees and all that since they are foreigners and don't really have much subsidises as us Singaporeans do but I feel that they should let him do whatever he wants. I mean, it's really a big gamble to let him continue his studies here as it's kinda hard to enter the local universities here however, what kind of investments do not include risks right? Suddenly, after hearing about his problems, like how he has to submit the admittance form back to Anderson Junior College tomorrow or he has to reject the offer to the school, or worrying about the fees not getting subsidised(he only knows tomorrow, which is stupid), I feel that as a Singaporean, I am so freaking blessed. I am here, thinking about ice cream, what to do after school tomorrow, yet monnut rushes back home to study everyday. I think this is a really big slap to me, I mean WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?! Exams are like starting TOMORROW. Oh great, I'm thinking how lazy I am, how intelligence deprived I am, what a pig I am, AGAIN. I always think like this, reflect like this, feel bad after I process everything, saying I'll do it but yet, I'm just sitting here attacking the keyboard with my fingers, not doing any work. Sigh, alright I'll get back to work... 
    yes, see even he's hard-working. Fine, I'll do my homework. 
    and yeah, he's calling back home today, I wish him all the best.
    I hope his mom allows him, if she does not, 
    why the hell did I give him all my luck? So, she's got to let him stay.
    (apparently I can't do this since my computer is touch screen ;_;)

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