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    Thursday, 26 July 2012 @ 02:22


    Sigh, getting closer and closer till the start of exams. It's only like a few hours away. Its like lalalala holiday mood then wham, 'hello there, my name is exams, nice to meet you'. Hell no, its not nice.

     And yes, I obviously have not started to study yet. Sneaking out of the house later to buy a skirt for yayuk, hope my brother doesn't spill the beans to my mom. Again, i'm facing another tough decision. WHICH FREAKING JACKET SHOULD I BUY?! The alive tour one or the japan edition one?! Both so nice :( though the official one is cheaper, the japan edition one is way more hmm, how should i put it? unique? flashy? awesome? cool? Sigh, frustrations of being a fan. AND YES I STILL HAVE NOT SOLVE MY MONEY PROBLEMS. UGH JUST KILL ME ALREADY. Okay, i SHOULD study today. Apparently, i my eyes glued onto my tumblr dashboard AGAIN, because of well yeah, awesome jiyong. Ugh, got to surrender the computer to my brother already. 

    Before that, I shall go tumblr again, hehe well bye !

    Yes, i'm addicted to this,

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