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    Tuesday, 10 July 2012 @ 03:06

    Clinging on.

    Clinging onto hope that i would get a nice figure or a perfect score one day. (Which will never happen unless i put in effort)

    (1)I'm supposed to be studying, I'm not studying
    (2)I'm supposed to diet, i eat fast food everyday
    (3)I'm supposed to go jogging, im sitting here typing blog posts
    (4)I'm supposed to save money, I'm looking at clothes
    (5)I'm supposed to be focused, I lose focus just by staring at the book
    (6)I'm supposed to be happy-go-lucky, I feel depressed

    I have many excuses like:
    (1)I'm helping the rest of Singapore's students by pulling down the bell curve
    (2)I'm supporting fast food restaurants 
    (3)Instead of wasting energy jogging, I'm saving energy for studying
    (4)I'm helping Singapore's economy
    (5)The book is not attractive enough to catch my attention
    (6)Perhaps because of periods so I get mood swings.

    So many excuses, so many things/people to push the blame onto but, the one to blame is actually myself. I inflicted these upon myself, I can only blame myself and no one else *glad that myself realises this* Most of the time when people realises this, they would change everything but me? Well.. I could try but I don't think there will be any spectacular results shown. I could try though.. Hmm actually I should. One day, when I finally turn into those kind of people that have figures, looks and brains I shall give myself a pat on the back. I shall work hard, fighting! 

    Last warning for my revision books and jogging shoes, I'm gonna attack you now. 

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