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    Tuesday, 31 July 2012 @ 00:07


    Yesterday, I went for a buffet at Grand Park City Hall. Well, it was okay I guess? I didn't like the dishes like tofu, potato because they tasted weird. Any coffee shop could easily win them. But I really liked the roasted chicken, cream of pumpkin and yes their dessert oh my god. 
    see omg. but the the thing that looks like a strudel wasn't that nice. However, the rest of the cakes were like awesome shit.
    I played around with the ice cream, I wanted to make it three layers but as you can see, I had already failed badly at the second layer ;_; I shall give up on becoming an ice cream man

    Yes, the sashimi, oysters and all that looked awesome. I didn't try the oysters though, after the bad experience with oysters in Australia when I was 9. 

    Duplicates of myself in the toilet. The toilet was pretty!

    After the buffet and many many days of fast food, I decided to avoid my weighing machine for awhile. I need to prepare myself before facing the harsh truth. 

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