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    Saturday, 21 July 2012 @ 02:08

    Frustrations of a fan.

    Sigh, many days and weeks and days and weeks till Singapore's Alive tour. I bought Cat 2 (mosh pit) But I'm not sure if I can get the best spot :( ALSO, IM FREAKING 153 HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA SEE?! Okay, I'm abit slow for thinking about it only now.. BUT STILL ;_; !! Okay, back to what I want to say. Jiyong (@IBGDRGN yes, go follow him) retweeted " I posted 3 photos on Facebook in the album "G-Dragon in Paris X Harper's Bazaar" " and of course, i clicked on the link to see the photos ! (which I already seen because jiyong tweeted about it before) The photos were great but the comments spoiled it all. What's with the comments about him being gay, wearing women clothing etc? I mean sure you can comment whatever you want but still it bothers me okay! Another thing, am I like the only one that thinks pink is nice? Well whatever.

    tadahhhhh, pink.

    I want these nails :,( 

    Bye !

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