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    Tuesday, 10 July 2012 @ 02:03

    Aloha ☼

    Hello! Apparently, I created a blog once again. Why? Because I don't really have anywhere or anyone to trust (there are exceptions) to vent anger, share happiness or just say random stuff that happens everyday. So, a simple solution, why not blogger? Okay, actually there's Jiayi who has a blog like this too! Heh, she started this blogger thing :) Nobody to stalk me, nobody to criticize whatever I say, nobody to judge whoever I am, such a wonderful place. I hope none of my classmates ever find this blog, or I might get slaughtered and my meat would be donated to some butcher shop or something. If I suddenly stop posting or suddenly this blog does not exist any more.. hmm you know what happened. SO YEAH, I'LL HAVE FUN POSTING HERE.

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