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    Tuesday, 31 July 2012 @ 00:12

    Nice smiles

    Omg, I love his smiles, don't you?

    Too bright for my eyes, someone please pass me sunglasses. 
    Watched secret garden with xinli while waiting for jiayi's amath paper to end and i realised, omg actually, he is pretty. WHY IS A GUY PRETTIER THAN ME WHY WHY WHY!!!
    see what I mean? T.T
    Oh well, off to study ! Ending this with another bright smile!

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    @ 00:07


    Yesterday, I went for a buffet at Grand Park City Hall. Well, it was okay I guess? I didn't like the dishes like tofu, potato because they tasted weird. Any coffee shop could easily win them. But I really liked the roasted chicken, cream of pumpkin and yes their dessert oh my god. 
    see omg. but the the thing that looks like a strudel wasn't that nice. However, the rest of the cakes were like awesome shit.
    I played around with the ice cream, I wanted to make it three layers but as you can see, I had already failed badly at the second layer ;_; I shall give up on becoming an ice cream man

    Yes, the sashimi, oysters and all that looked awesome. I didn't try the oysters though, after the bad experience with oysters in Australia when I was 9. 

    Duplicates of myself in the toilet. The toilet was pretty!

    After the buffet and many many days of fast food, I decided to avoid my weighing machine for awhile. I need to prepare myself before facing the harsh truth. 

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    Sunday, 29 July 2012 @ 23:49

    Feeling the stress.

    Yes, I'm definitely feeling the stress after the Mathematics paper today. I was so stressed out in the middle of the paper that I felt like puking and the worst thing is that I forgot to bring my mints with me. I always feel better after eating a mint. The paper didn't even look English to me, it looked like some alien language that no one could decipher but apparently some other students felt that the paper was not bad. Okay fine, maybe it's just me. I'm definitely not going to flunk my social studies or I'm gonna lose the bet. (I forgot that I made a bet to suankheng about my marks :( ..) ANYWAY, because it's the last few days of dad's birthday month, he decided not to waste his membership privileges and bring us to dinner today. If I'm not wrong, it's around city hall? I shall bring my notes there to chant or something. I hope the food is good! Mmmm i smell pasta from the kitchen. YAY, pasta for lunch! Oh yeah ! On sunday (yesterday) I went to the Girls & Boys Brigade enrolment service at the church with peiwen. We saw our juniors (apparently they have super memory and remember us), our officers (even though ma'am Shirley wasn't there), Weili and bengpeng from our batch (okay, i don't know how to spell their names) and one from the batch before us ! I couldn't recognise her at first with her being pregnant and all. Ma'am Sarah even gave us our old photos ! And this is a handmade rilakkuma soap given by them too! They were selling it to raise funds but decided to give us one each 
    Okay, the end. Off to eat pasta~

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    @ 23:33

    Monnut Donut Coconut

    Yesterday was Monnut's Birthday! He is 18 this year. Happy Birthday Monnut! Okay, this post is a little late but better than nothing right ! We bought tiramisu cake for him this year and sort of surprised him at his void deck. Hope he enjoyed the cake :) 

    I was supposed to smile but oh well.

    Me and zixin are half half ! 

    Wedding photo with jiayi laopo? haha

    Doppelgänger Me

    Extra person in our photo <<<

    Its was actually a poster that we used for reflection, can you see the eye there?

    Birthday boy ! 

    Yes, a must have group photo

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    Thursday, 26 July 2012 @ 02:22


    Sigh, getting closer and closer till the start of exams. It's only like a few hours away. Its like lalalala holiday mood then wham, 'hello there, my name is exams, nice to meet you'. Hell no, its not nice.

     And yes, I obviously have not started to study yet. Sneaking out of the house later to buy a skirt for yayuk, hope my brother doesn't spill the beans to my mom. Again, i'm facing another tough decision. WHICH FREAKING JACKET SHOULD I BUY?! The alive tour one or the japan edition one?! Both so nice :( though the official one is cheaper, the japan edition one is way more hmm, how should i put it? unique? flashy? awesome? cool? Sigh, frustrations of being a fan. AND YES I STILL HAVE NOT SOLVE MY MONEY PROBLEMS. UGH JUST KILL ME ALREADY. Okay, i SHOULD study today. Apparently, i my eyes glued onto my tumblr dashboard AGAIN, because of well yeah, awesome jiyong. Ugh, got to surrender the computer to my brother already. 

    Before that, I shall go tumblr again, hehe well bye !

    Yes, i'm addicted to this,

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    Wednesday, 25 July 2012 @ 05:11


    Just came back from a jog with monnut. Its wasn't as tiring as the previous times we went but it was the most conversational one I guess? Well, he had his problems and frankly speaking, I didn't really know how to help him. Of course, I said what I thought however, I'm not really sure if he understood what I said. He wants to stay in Singapore to continue his studies but his parents want him to move back to Thailand for further studies like his brother. His parents have to worry about fees and all that since they are foreigners and don't really have much subsidises as us Singaporeans do but I feel that they should let him do whatever he wants. I mean, it's really a big gamble to let him continue his studies here as it's kinda hard to enter the local universities here however, what kind of investments do not include risks right? Suddenly, after hearing about his problems, like how he has to submit the admittance form back to Anderson Junior College tomorrow or he has to reject the offer to the school, or worrying about the fees not getting subsidised(he only knows tomorrow, which is stupid), I feel that as a Singaporean, I am so freaking blessed. I am here, thinking about ice cream, what to do after school tomorrow, yet monnut rushes back home to study everyday. I think this is a really big slap to me, I mean WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?! Exams are like starting TOMORROW. Oh great, I'm thinking how lazy I am, how intelligence deprived I am, what a pig I am, AGAIN. I always think like this, reflect like this, feel bad after I process everything, saying I'll do it but yet, I'm just sitting here attacking the keyboard with my fingers, not doing any work. Sigh, alright I'll get back to work... 
    yes, see even he's hard-working. Fine, I'll do my homework. 
    and yeah, he's calling back home today, I wish him all the best.
    I hope his mom allows him, if she does not, 
    why the hell did I give him all my luck? So, she's got to let him stay.
    (apparently I can't do this since my computer is touch screen ;_;)

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    @ 02:31


    Almost died when i looked at my tumblr dashboard. Before Jiyong changed his hair colour to pink, my dashboard has never looked so filled with pink. And now with the new photo shoot and all that.. Serious case of nose bleeding. Sexy by just holding a cup,
    by just looking..

    opening eyeswide..

    or even this omg

    Hmm, maybe i just have weird tastes but yeah, to me its sexy heheh. 
    Have to save alot of money this month :( having an allowance cut-down is worse enough, having the need to buy a hoodie that cost $135 is like pouring salt onto my already infected wound. WORST OF ALL, i spent like almost $300 from my account without realising. Having to check my account that day was a big slap and well yeah, i'm awake now. Aside from monetary problems, here comes another blow. WHAM, the examinations start on friday. Wow, i'm sooooooooo looking forward to it. Anyway, today was the last phys-ed lesson for this term i guess? And instead of playing with our own teams, Mrs Yong allowed Boys Vs Girls. Yeah, obviously the guys won but hey, this was the only lesson where I actually did put in effort okay. Going for a jog soon with monnut, gotta trim fats! AND OMG YES IM GOING NDP WITH JIAYI~ apparently she won the awesome tickets !!!! omg is this what people feel when they win the lottery?! But, we have to go some unknown place to collect the tickets and also, we have to purchase a white tee in case everyone else attending the parade is wearing red ! Bummer. Well, thats it ! Bye! (i'm supposed to meet monnut at 5:30, oops)

    yes last one, 
    i'm gonna get a skateboard haha.

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    Saturday, 21 July 2012 @ 02:08

    Frustrations of a fan.

    Sigh, many days and weeks and days and weeks till Singapore's Alive tour. I bought Cat 2 (mosh pit) But I'm not sure if I can get the best spot :( ALSO, IM FREAKING 153 HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA SEE?! Okay, I'm abit slow for thinking about it only now.. BUT STILL ;_; !! Okay, back to what I want to say. Jiyong (@IBGDRGN yes, go follow him) retweeted " I posted 3 photos on Facebook in the album "G-Dragon in Paris X Harper's Bazaar" " and of course, i clicked on the link to see the photos ! (which I already seen because jiyong tweeted about it before) The photos were great but the comments spoiled it all. What's with the comments about him being gay, wearing women clothing etc? I mean sure you can comment whatever you want but still it bothers me okay! Another thing, am I like the only one that thinks pink is nice? Well whatever.

    tadahhhhh, pink.

    I want these nails :,( 

    Bye !

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    @ 01:54

    Half day Malaysia trip.

    Okay, it's not really a trip, it's just going to Malaysia and getting all the groceries settled. But today was quite an adventure I suppose. We went to search for Skudai, basically because of my used-to-be-caretaker. She said that they bought alot of cheap and fresh vegetables there. Another reason, a food programme introduced a coffee shop there. If I'm not wrong, they sold duck noodles. However, the sad part was that we ate before we went there :( so I didn't have a chance to try the duck noodles. The place was really crowded and to my surprise, the place consisted of mostly Singaporeans! So, hey we're not the only ones that travel so far just to try duck noodles ! I'm gonna try them probably the week after the next when my exams are over :) Also, I finally bought the July issue of ViVi ! So many pretty clothes in there :( I havent started reading yet but I saw mostly american styles, floral prints, denim, banana prints probably alot of other prints but these prints caught my attention. One day, I shall be a model though I need ALOT of work on my body shape and height ... But probably it may come true one day. PROBABLY. 

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    Monday, 16 July 2012 @ 03:49

    Wake up call.

    I finally realised that I should really wake up and study my ass off. Why? Firstly, my tickets to Bigbang's Alive tour are held hostage by my mum. Secondly, she'll probably take away my card if I get unfavourable results. Thirdly, I'll be stripped of the already little freedom that I have right now. Last but not least, I'll lose her trust and can kiss goodbye to the Prom night dress+shoes money that she promised. Well, those are what I call the economic reasons. For the more important reasons.. Firstly, if I get bad results, it would definitely affect my future in a really bad way. Secondly, I really do not want to end up in a cannot-retain-at-secondary-school-but-also-cannot-enter-higher-nitec-courses state :( and lastly, I really want to study abroad so I should really wake up now! I decided that I want to cry tears of joy, jump around until my feet hurts and most of all, show my parents the awesome results I got with a gigantic-all-teeth-shown face. I definitely don't want my parents to feel upset especially when my aunts are probably looking down on me. I shall prove them wrong. Yes, I'm gonna prove all my aunts and uncles wrong. I'm gonna grow tall, become prettier, and of course increase brain capacity :) Tricia, fighting!

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    @ 03:38


    Finally, after almost 16 years, I got my ears pierced ! Didn't really hurt as much as I thought it would (though it was still very painful) Very happy :) . Sigh, shouldn't have opened a blogshop after all. I was supposed to create it to sell away old in-stocks and help lessen the pain i get from spending too much money however, i find myself spending more and more. In addition, with my ears finally pierced, i have this sudden urge to buy all the earrings that caught my attention T_T damn, if only it rained money. Tsk, dream on Tricia, dream on. 

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    Saturday, 14 July 2012 @ 06:18

    Prom dress.

    I was walking around thomson plaza and i went pass this shop. i think it was 'dressing shop' or something. i was this freaking pretty dress :( but it costs a bomb ! but still, its so pretty ! i decided to save up for it :) i really hope that by the time i saved up so much money, the dress will still be there waiting for me! 

    Also, today i went to 'Anti-oxidants' again for dry sauna :) although this time it was freaking noisy cause my younger brother tagged along. He kept on complaining and complaining, asking about time, talking about food, and alot of other annoying things. Ugh, it was torture.. But still, it was a fun trip :) ! Had salted caramel ice cream after the sauna :) enjoyed it lots. 

    And as per usual, ending the post with jiyong :)

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    Friday, 13 July 2012 @ 04:05

    Friday the 13th.

    Okay, today was not so bad considering it is friday the 13th. Bought my special edition big bang alive album !! I bought both G-dragon and TOP's version ! Obviously, I'm keeping G-dragon's version. TOP's is for shelley! I hope she likes it :) . Went MIYOC to collect Jiayi's apparels but in the end the apparels were not there ?! Oh well, she has the moustache top to take away some pain. Had Best Fries Forever (Macho cheese as per normal). Felt great, awesome, wonderful eating the freshly made fries but felt damn heavy went I stepped on the weighing machine, no joke. I think I'll have no worries for my future, I can sign up for a sumo competition or something. I'll definitely win in terms of size! To put it in a good way : I'll have a job in the future, no worries about going hungry. To put it in actual fact : I'll never have the chance to look awesome, sexy, beautiful in a muscle tank, crop tank, spaghetti strap or anything that makes you feel cooling in the middle of summer. I probably have to wear thick clothing to hide my 100000000000kilos of lipids and drink 1000000000000000 packs of SlimSpa to cut down at least 10kilos. Ok hell no am I gonna imagine that. NEXT TOPIC : Hey, I bought dip dyed shorts from wonderstellar today, spent at least $50 at HMV and I'm so gonna get into trouble when my mom goes to update my bank book(which i hope she never does). ANYWAY, had lots of fun shopping and gossiping with Jiayi today and I hope we can do that again soon! Too bad prelims are coming or not I'll drag her to The Editor's Market next weekend :( I GOTTA BUY THAT WINE RED BAG :( its so freaking pretty ! Now I'm regretting not buying it.. Gonna look for it on their website later ! :) 

    and yay, mom's buying teenage today! I dont really buy teenage anymore BUT AUGUST ISSUE'S COVER PAGE HAS BIGBANG ON IT SO WHY NOT?! 

    look at what Mr Rama showed on the visualiser during free period,

    and yes, my babies <3

    that's all for now ! 

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    Thursday, 12 July 2012 @ 06:29

    Uh Oh..

    The shooting of my part in the class video is finally over. (I hope) It was pretty tiring, and got mosquito bites.. Gosh, why come attack me?! 

    Sigh, for once I studied social studies the previous night (usually last minute) and then Ms Ong decided to not come school so in the end, no tests were conducted. Partly, I'm kind of happy cause I think I would not remember the factors but partly i was disappointed because for once I actually studied. 

    Today, when there was a sudden change of classrooms during amath, xinli and I were unaware of the change.. We were searching for our classmates outside the classroom but when we saw no one in the corridors, immediately we thought that class had ended and decided to go back to our formal classrooms to put our bags, meet jiayi and the rest and head to the canteen for lunch. However, they were still having classes, so we thought we had an early release from class and showed off to them through the window. So, with nothing to do, no where to go, we decided to go and have lunch first. If classes ended early, obviously we would spot Vanessa, Alexius, etc. in the canteen having lunch but no, we saw no one we recognised (other than the juniors). Then I was like now that i think about it, what if they changed classrooms..? 'Uh oh..' But oh well, since going back to the classroom and saying "Sorry Ms Zuraida, we thought you gave us an early release" would look stupid and dumb and stupid, we ended up ordering food.. I really hope Ms Zuraida doesn't realise that both of us were missing. 

    A photo taken at the field we were shooting the video at!

    T-ara Day by Day m/v ! *_*

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    Wednesday, 11 July 2012 @ 06:31

    Home Sweet Home. 

    I'm finally back from night study. Today's quite productive I guess? I managed to memorise half of Venice's leadership factors. About today..
    1)I know I was really distracted by my friend during class and I really should change where i sit. However, without her, I feel so empty and lonely. i felt so isolated T.T I hope ms yong allows her to move back soon!
    2)During youth day public holiday, we had to shoot our class graduation video so maybe around 10 or so people were in my house, after awhile some left. Then, two of my good friends zixin and monnut came my house :) ! seriously, I did not expect it at all. Monnut came because he wanted to make a cover of a song to give xinli for her birthday. Zixin came along with monnut. while they were here, zixin was practising a Korean song (i think sang by yoseob and someone from apink? I don't really know..) To let her gain confidence, she sang to everyone that were currently in my house. In my opinion, I seriously thought it was good except that she cant reach one high note. But when they encouraged her to try the next year, I thought it was maybe just that i heard wrongly or something. However, today when I was bathing, she was outside using my computer. she was singing some Chinese song and well, it was great! It didn't have any off key or anything I definitely think it was better than my singing, unless I heard wrongly because of the running water... I really think she should sing this year. even if she fails, she can try next year right! why waste this year's chance? hmm maybe its just me thinking like that but oh well.
    3)I'm learning Jay Chou's Cai Hong ! I forgot why but yeah I decided to learn it and let Helen listen :D ! But, even after replaying the song for like a hundred times, I still cant get the lyrics right. I even think I can learn Korean lyrics faster, maybe its because its a Chinese song?? Okay I admit, my Chinese is so-so but hello, I'm also Chinese, why so hard to learn?!
    4)It sucks to forget everything I want to post :(

    I hope tomorrow will be brighter.

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    Tuesday, 10 July 2012 @ 06:04

    I see light

    I studied for one hour without getting distracted! Achievement unlocked, I'm now level 2 :) Okay, I shall carry on and keep it up ! I hope this continues :) 

    If it does... 

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    @ 03:40


    Again, I meet with my worst enemy, procrastination. Hi, procrastination nice to meet you again, it must be my lucky day for you to visit me today. Ugh, I hate you. But then again, I don't have the mood to face-off with neither biology nor mathematics right now. Thank god I only have elementary mathematics. If I had additional mathematics, I'll explode right now, in like 30 seconds. Sigh, I have to finish my maths assignment by today or face my teacher's wrath tomorrow. I need to like build some kind of wall or something to defend myself if I don't finish it (in case she practically uses a broom to chase me out) that reminds me, I still need to learn 'the rise of Venice' for the essay test on Thursday :( such a wonderful day today. In the meantime, I shall continue clicking the replay button. 

    Hope i can start studying soon.
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    @ 03:06

    Clinging on.

    Clinging onto hope that i would get a nice figure or a perfect score one day. (Which will never happen unless i put in effort)

    (1)I'm supposed to be studying, I'm not studying
    (2)I'm supposed to diet, i eat fast food everyday
    (3)I'm supposed to go jogging, im sitting here typing blog posts
    (4)I'm supposed to save money, I'm looking at clothes
    (5)I'm supposed to be focused, I lose focus just by staring at the book
    (6)I'm supposed to be happy-go-lucky, I feel depressed

    I have many excuses like:
    (1)I'm helping the rest of Singapore's students by pulling down the bell curve
    (2)I'm supporting fast food restaurants 
    (3)Instead of wasting energy jogging, I'm saving energy for studying
    (4)I'm helping Singapore's economy
    (5)The book is not attractive enough to catch my attention
    (6)Perhaps because of periods so I get mood swings.

    So many excuses, so many things/people to push the blame onto but, the one to blame is actually myself. I inflicted these upon myself, I can only blame myself and no one else *glad that myself realises this* Most of the time when people realises this, they would change everything but me? Well.. I could try but I don't think there will be any spectacular results shown. I could try though.. Hmm actually I should. One day, when I finally turn into those kind of people that have figures, looks and brains I shall give myself a pat on the back. I shall work hard, fighting! 

    Last warning for my revision books and jogging shoes, I'm gonna attack you now. 

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    @ 02:27

    Vita Dolce Moderato ✩

    I really like this phrase 'Vita Dolce Moderato'. I got this from G-dragon (Kwon Ji Yong, leader of a kpop Korean boy band, Big Bang). He has these tattoos on his right and left forearms that says 'Vita Dolce' on the right and 'Moderato' on the left. Vita Dolce translates as sweet life and Moderato is a piano term for moderate. Together, the tattoos say 'Moderate Sweet Life' which he explains as 'living a sweet life moderately'. In my opinion, I think its really meaningful even though many say stuff like tattoos are awful or a total waste of time but this is so cool! Okay, I might be a little bit outdated (by many many years) but hey, I just recently fell in love with him okay! I mean like omg, he can dance, rap, and sing. Okay many people can do that but I still like Jiyong! Another thing, what's with those 'Korean bands are sooooooooo lame' comments? Even if you don't favour them, you don't need to put it like this. I mean, they are not lame, THEY CAN WALK (okay, it seems like I'm the lame one but whatever) I just want to say that I like whatever I want and I don't want to hear your remarks about what I like, thank you very much. Okay whatever, not gonna think about it anymore. 

    -Jiyong fan.
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    @ 02:03

    Aloha ☼

    Hello! Apparently, I created a blog once again. Why? Because I don't really have anywhere or anyone to trust (there are exceptions) to vent anger, share happiness or just say random stuff that happens everyday. So, a simple solution, why not blogger? Okay, actually there's Jiayi who has a blog like this too! Heh, she started this blogger thing :) Nobody to stalk me, nobody to criticize whatever I say, nobody to judge whoever I am, such a wonderful place. I hope none of my classmates ever find this blog, or I might get slaughtered and my meat would be donated to some butcher shop or something. If I suddenly stop posting or suddenly this blog does not exist any more.. hmm you know what happened. SO YEAH, I'LL HAVE FUN POSTING HERE.

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